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The first and the main question of the customer is "What is the cost of the fountain?” We prepared an Applicant form to start processing the order. This tool provides us an opportunity to determine your requirements. Considering our 12 year experience we know what questions should be asked to reduce missing of the relevant details. Every fountain that we do is unique and the total price depends on multiple things. Thus we need to do detailed processing and calculations. Usually we offer you to look through the Project gallery, it helps you understand what your fountain should be like. If you do not find there a project that can satisfy your preferences we will develop an absolutely new one for you. 




The Aqua Brand Company understands the client`s wish to have a unique and inimitable fountain. Our technical credibility and long-term experience ensure creating original fountains and represent customer verbal preferences in an exact visual image. 

We exclude guesses representing you the overall picture and the required architectural details of the fountain construction. The concept stage includes the processing and consideration of all ends and outs of the future fountain: equipment installment, plant rooms, utility systems, the basin’s form and finish, and many other things.



When the concept and details are determined we proceed to the technical nuances. We make a virtual sketch of the water feature and the equipment arrangement. According to the preliminary sketch that obtained client’s approval we step to hydraulic measurements and equipment selection. When the stage is complete we can give you the preliminary specification and calculation. d outs of the future fountain: equipment installment, plant rooms, utility systems, the basin’s form and finish, and many other things.



Basing on the sketches, engineering and hydraulic measurements we prepare the commercial offer, design and the visualization of the future fountain. In every our offer we strive to present the entire system of the construction and further operation. The presented information is always full of details but simply and comprehensible at the same time. So the client understands what he gets and what it costs.  



When the preliminary project and its cost get the client`s approval both sides sign the agreement that specifies the compliance time limit. Then our high qualified engineers proceed to fountain drawing which includes all required sections to give the major delivery of the construction process.

Aqua Brand Company’s project engineers can make the design for the specific parts of the construction site basing on the drawings provided by the client. The accountability and competence of our staff is confirmed by the Certificate of self-regulating company for design works



The next step is processing local cost estimate based on the approved work project integrated into the entire construction site. Local cost estimate forms the final cost of the fountain and construction work. Having received the signed agreement and first payment we proceed to equipment manufacturing and purchasing. The required equipment is either manufactured on our own production or purchased from the approved vendors. We produce and combine the equipment considering our great experience and knowledge so that it could serve long and safe.



The fountain construction process consists of the following stages:

1 stage.  Planning and earthwork operations. According to the project we define and mark the place for the future fountain. Then we start excavation work.

2 stage. Concrete foundation arrangement. When the excavation work is complete we proceed to concrete basement 100-150 mm deep.

3 stage. Pipelines and embedment lay out. When the concrete foundation is dry the pipelines and all necessary embedment are laid and fixed there.

4stage. Reinforcement of the fountain and plant room bottom and walls. 

5 stage. Form setting and concrete pouring of the fountain and plant room bottom and walls.

6 stage. Form removal, wall plastering, floor cement screed in the fountain and the plant room.

7 stage. Hydro isolation and hydro testing.

8 stage. Fountain and plant room finishing. The finishing of the fountain can be made of granite, porcelain stoneware, mosaic and sometimes building pile.

9 stage. Equipment installment into the fountain and plant room. When the hydro testing is complete we may proceed to equipment installment. The nozzles, circles, lights, terminal blocks and other waterproof equipment is installed into the fountain basin. The pumps, airing system, electrical and control units are implemented into the plant room.

One of the priorities of the Aqua Brand Company is complying the works with the scheduled worklist. Thus all the construction works are done correctly and in time. 

Our professional skills and huge experience strengthen our strategy for reducing errors during the construction process.



The final and the most complicated stage is start-up and adjustment work. When the required equipment is installed we flood the fountain and start its calibrating. We set up water supply in nozzles and pumps, check program channels of the lighting and pumps, implement sound in music fountains, check filtration and airing systems. When the systems adjustment is finished the fountain operating is tested for three days to ensure that everything works properly. The director of the fountain encodes the water feature matching it with the sound tracks, and light effects. This complicated work defines the entire impression made by the fountain.



The most sacramental moment is the formal startup of the fountain usually covered by the mass media sources. As a rule the ceremony is held by the local government in front of the population presenting a new recreation place.

After that we sign, collect and report the entire executive documentation to the client including equipment certificates and warranty.



Every complex construction requires technical maintenance, and the fountain is not an exception. Multiple electrical and technical equipment should be managed, set and cleaned. We consider it during the construction work. Thus our fountains need limited maintenance. However there are procedures that should be regularly carried out, for example mud, rubbish, and calcium cleaning, winter laying up and summer depreservation. Each of the process requires professional skills and knowledge of the executors in order to preserve the beauty and functions of the fountain. Aqua Brand Company has a special maintenance department which is responsible for all service works. If a client signs the preventive maintenance contract with us the warranty of the fountain covers the next 5 years.



In addition to our core activity we offer a wide range of customized services, which are not included into the construction process but can become real embracement of the fountain squire especially in winter time. During stage of the commercial offer we address the possibility of independent illumination installation that will work during winter time making  the fountain a place of attraction all year round.

The specialists of Aqua Brand Company can assist you in necessary equipment choosing.

Additionally we carried out a lot of works related with the reconstruction and renovation of the old fountains giving them second life.

To learn more about our customized services please link: www.aquabrend.ru



The design and construction of the fountain is highly specific form of activity. It is essential to understand that it requires highly professional approach in system development to satisfy all safety norms and procedures. Aquabrand company ensures integrated approach on every step of the fountain creation considering its own precious work experience. We implemented quality control system ISO 9001-2011. So we can guarantee the accountability for the result and the timeframe.

Aqua Brand Company obtains all required construction tolerances. The integrated approach we use provides us an opportunity to offer certain dividends for our clients who signs the full contract. If you choose our company we will prove you that you’ve made a right choice.

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