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Ultracompact fountain MC5

Basin: minimal diameter 4 m, recommended depth 0.6 m

  1. Electrical voltage 220W
  2. Maximal electrical capacity 1.5 kW
  3. 5 load pump 0.5 kW
  4. on/off function with the light sending unit
  5. Integrated control and safety systeme
  6. Removable pump prefilter 

Changing water patterns
The fountain is constantly illuminated by 3 white and yellow LED luminaires 
Pattern 1. Central wide diameter 2.5 m high pseudolaminar jet
Pattern 2. Central 1,5m high palm tree resembling rim 
Pattern 3. A 2 m diameter and 1m high swirl of water, central composition consists of 12 vertically inclined parabolic 1 m high jets
Pattern 4. A 2 m diameter and 1 m high swirl of water
Pattern 5. Misty crown 1m diameter and 1,5 m high
Pattern 6. Small 1.5 m diameter and 1 m high palm tree combined with the central palm tree made of 12 parabolic jets
Pattern 7. 1 m diameter misty crown and central composition consisting of 12 parabolic 1 m high jets
Additional equipment

  1. multicolour changing LED luminaire
  2. removable control panel
  3. Anemometer
  4. Filter unit


  1. The cybernetic control wiring drives 2 contours into action simultanuosly
  2. The fountain works according to the principle "put it on and forget about it"
  3. the standard specification does not need removable control panel.
  4. Safety degree IP 68

Wood box 0.85m*0.85m*0.9m
Nett weight 75kg, total weight 90 kg

Day time photo