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The longest in the world color dynamical fountain "Bulak", Kazan

On 1 of June, 2013 the longest color dynamical fountain in the world was opened in Kazan. The distance between the first and the last fountain is 1490m, but actually the trunk of the fountain complex is 1730 m stretch.
The fountain intelligent control system operates the pumps and luminaires so that the complex can work in dynamic, color dynamic or stable mode. For the first time we used the control signal transmission technology on the narrow radio link. The complex consists of 22 fountains resembling flowers in the blossom. Each of them is illuminated by the RGB luminaire. Each of fountains is composed of three tiered 19 jets. The height of the jets reaches 9-10 meters.
All fountains are stable and firmly fixed in the river Bulak. The water supply is provided by block pump which capacity is 1048 ton per hour. More than 3 ton of water is in the air at a time.