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Watershow fountain in "Istanbul" Park, Kazan

On 6 of July, 2013 an official opening ceremony of the fountain "Istanbul" named after the Park it was situated took place. Kazan hosted Summer Universiade Games at that time. Many officials of Tatarstan Republic and Turkey visited the fountain that day. 
We developed the project of the fountain from scratch. Our aim was to design a water feature that would perfectly fit to the Park that was yet under construction. Our designers created architectural pearl of the Park. The fountain is a complex hydro technical construction consisting of three architectural tires and two water levels. The foundation of the fountain is a concrete octangle, the next level is eight pointed star symbolizing Islam. The concrete perfectly calibrated circle completes the architectural construction. Its form and shape affords water fall down proportionally along the perimeter. Each of five water circuits works independently creating impressing water scene. The illumination plays the main role in the fountain. In the evening the color show attracts a lot of city residents and tourists.