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Dry deck fountain "Gambit" in the Gorki Park, Kazan




On 6 of July, 2014 Aqua Brand Company proceeded to dry deck fountain construction of 19x11 meter size in Gorki Park, Kazan. In recording short time we concreted basin with the plantroom around the whole fountain and installed most part of the equipment. On 30 of August, 2014 when the Republic of Tatarstan celebrated its Independence Day formal opening ceremony took  place to the view of the Head of Tatarstan Republic Mr Rustem Minnihanov, the Mayor of Kazan Mr Ilsur Metshin and hundreds of city residents.
The fountain opening ceremony was performed with orchestra and dancing background. Then the visitors witnessed an incredibly beautiful watershow. The children were the happiest people that day. Notwithstanding the cold weather and parents warnings they played right under water jets. This fountain is a good example of our innovations such as on-off service, fountain show startup, online translation from the plantroom and the fountain. The innovative software affords to control the fountain from anyplace in the world having access to smartphone and the Inet.
105 jets independently controlled and colorfully illuminated give unlimited opportunities for creating impressing water patterns. Each jet is produced by self-priming plump and illuminated by 18W improved RGB-luminaire of new generation. We also applied advanced Support@ system, which helped to lessen the work surface. Dry deck type of fountains is considered to be the most anti vandal and a perfect amusement either for children and adults.


Day time photo

Night photo

Fountain construction