Construction of original fountains

Construction of fountains is a whole complex of operations: from marking the place where the fountain will be installed to startup and commissioning works. Initially professionals need to develop the project and to consider carefully the routing and admission of communications. Also it is necessary to install fencing around the fountain. Only after all of these works manufacturing and installation of fountain begins.

The process of fountain construction

The construction of fountains begins with earthwork operations. Stage by stage representation of works looks generally as follows:

  • first, the fountain location is determined and a foundation pit is digged;
  • then the base for the fountain is poured - the so-called "mud mat";
  • the basic elements and the hydraulic system pipeline are laid out on the mud mat;
  • once reinforcement and the formwork installation are produced (these works to be performed not only in the fountain location, but in the technology room location also);
  • specialists concrete the bottom and walls of the fountain, as well as prepare the basis for a technological room (usually it is a place for pumps);
  • once a monolithic bowl is ready, plaster is prepared and tightening is placed on a floor surface;
  • waterproofing of the fountain – it is a quite crucial moment during the construction of water objects;
  • hydraulic testing of the fountain;
  • the specialists start to do finishing works. This can be granite, ceramic granite or mosaic;
  • after full construction readiness of the bowl and technological room, an installation team proceeds to equipment installation, wiring, gluing and welding of pipelines;
  • after filling the bowl with water, specialists install fountain diffuzers and proceed to equipment adjustment and tweakage;
  • one of the most critical and complex stages of construction is startup and commissioning works and programming of water and lighting paintings, especially for music tracks.

Only after all these stages the works can be considered finished. Professional construction of fountains on order is a long process.

City fountains and their features

The "Aqua Brand" company performs construction of city fountains. Such projects must comply with several important criteria:

  • city fountains should be in harmony with the design of surrounding buildings;
  • typically it is large-scale projects;
  • these objects are installed in the places strictly defined by the customer;
  • as a rule, a city fountain becomes a resting-place  for citizens and a necessary visiting point for tourists and guests of the city.

Ordering services in the "Aqua Brand" company

Construction and project engineering of fountains for city needs is an important and responsible job. It is possible to order fountain construction from the "Aqua Brand" company, so all the necessary work on the documentation preparation, project approvals and final construction will be done in a highly competent way, considering all the customer’s requirements.

The customer will get not only professional approach to the documentation development and construction works, but also the opportunity to get service for an already running object. Service of fountains is performed by the major group of the company’s staff.