Examination of fountain projects

City fountains construction is made in accordance with a number of building regulations. The design of the construction should comply with them. If you have finished a project of such facility, we are ready to perform its examination.

Examination of a fountain project on order focuses on the following issues:

  • fountain safety;
  • correctness of the hydraulic calculations;
  • correctness of the lighting parameters;
  • functionality of the object;
  • economic efficiency of water and electricity consumption;
  • strength against vandals;
  • ease of the fountain exploitation.

Following the city fountain project development, it is necessary to coordinate it with the local architectural authority. The "Aqua Brand" company’s specialists can ensure existence of all necessary documentation for this examination, they will check whether conducted engineering surveys comply with Russian legislation and are ready to resolve any mismatches. This will minimize the risk to fails this examination.

The company's specialists have extensive experience in project engineering and construction of fountains. Our qualification is confirmed by relevant certificates. Therefore, dealing with the "Aqua Brand" company, you can be sure that the examination of the fountain project will be performed at the highest professional level.