Fountain animation

A fountain animation using 3D-graphics is a vibrant video with the length of about 1.5-2 minutes that presents the idea of a future construction at best. This video presentation is valuable due to its demonstration of the fountain’s work in dynamics and shows how it fits into the environment.

In order to perform fountain animation on order it is necessary to have the structure’s drawing, which specifies the bowl’s shape and dimensions, the characteristics of water paths and jets in each of the paths and the equipment location. As a rule the "Aqua Brand" company calculates it at the commercial proposal stage, the future fountain preliminary pictures are coordinated with the customer, then the animated video to be made.

The fountain animation simulates all of the water show, including the lights and jets work in tune to music. This visualization pictorially shows how a musical fountain will operate, because it is impossible to explain its work in layperson terms. Additionally, dynamic fountain visualization can be made without reference to music or the video with a static fountain can be made with the jets working at the same level always (in this case the fountain illumination may vary).

Do you need fountain animation on order? Specialists of the "Aqua Brand" company are ready to quickly perform this task and make a spectacular video showing how the fountain will look in reality. Take a look at our animations.