Fountain visualization

In order to understand the future fountain look, for a specialist it is enough just to study its drawing. However, how to present the idea of such architectural construction to the people who are not familiar with construction and engineering? Here comes the visualization of fountains. It is a series of static images showing a fountain in different regimes of work, in daylight and at night, from various angles and with different combinations of water pictures.

Fountain visualization on order is created using 3D-graphics on the basis of the preliminary drawing of the future construction. It is important that such drawing shows the following:

  • the shape and dimensions of the fountain's bowl;
  • the exact location of water loops;
  • the height and number of jets in each water loop;
  • the location of valves, frequency controllers and other structure elements;
  • multicolored led lights.

In order to create the most accurate visualization it is necessary to have the information about the materials that will be used on creating the fountain. It is desirable that the customer provide the background photography, which demonstrates the place where the fountain to be installed.

How many images does the fountain visualization suppose? Usually, in order to show a static fountain in all its glory it takes just 2-3 images. A set of images demonstrates a dynamic fountain or the construction with a light show may consist of up to several tens of images that will capture the most interesting water patterns.

Fountain visualization is used for the constructions presentation to its customer, also these images may be used in advertising. In case of necessity it is possible to create a large-sized image that may be used for poster printing. Additionally, fountain visualization is a wonderful opportunity to see how a design project will be realized in real life, and to correct it if necessary.

Many companies that offer services of fountain visualization on order, specialize on computer technologies only and have no practical experience with architectural constructions. Unlike them, the specialists of the "Aqua Brand" company are engaged in the construction and maintenance of fountains so they know all about them. That is why fountain visualization on order is done by the "Aqua Brand" company in the most accurate way and taking into account all the details and nuances of such constructions.