Selection and supply of equipment

A fountain is one of the brightest and most beautiful decorations of the urban landscape design.

As this is a technically complex system, its calculation, project engineering and installation takes meeting with a set of requirements. The worthwhile visual effect and proper functioning of a fountain is made through well-selected equipment.

Selection and supply of equipment for a fountain is carried out depending on its type, size and purpose.

The "Aqua-Brand" company offers specialized equipment for fountains of its own production and assembly as well as equipment from foreign manufacturers. The site's catalog presents a large amount of equipment necessary for the installation and maintenance of fountains.

What is it necessary for a fountain?

A large number of components and materials are used for installation and operation of a fountain, the main of them are listed below:

A pump

It is needed to create necessary water pressure. Pumps have different volumetric capacity and header pressure. They are divided into two types by the installation method:

  • submersible: under water installation, directly into a fountain's bowl;
  • self-surfaced: are mounted in a technical room, remotely from the water source.

In our catalog you can find and choose both of the types. We offer reliable pumping equipment of such famous brands as IML (Spain), Pedrollo (Italy), Wilo (Germany) and others.

Selection of a pump is a very important part in the fountain design. With proper selection of the pumps hydraulic characteristics operating points, the pumps will work long and without breakdowns. In case of wrong calculations either the pump would quickly fail due to overload or the fountain will not work in its full force reducing to nothing the whole visual effect.

Fountain control systems

The whole set of parameters depends on the fountain control system: operating mode, safety, service life of pumping equipment and lighting, the fountain's play accompanied by music, turning on/off at the specified time, turning off a fountain in the wind, water level control and, consequently, its maintenance costs.

The control system main functions:

  • the pumping and lighting equipment control according to the programmed algorithm and the fountain's type
  • pumps switching on / off by timer in a stated time to within a minute
  • illumination switching on / off by timer in a stated time to within a minute
  • the bowl water level control (filling-up and overflow)
  • remote visual monitoring and management
  • the fountain operation mode depending on the wind strength
  • water leakage protection with alarm
  • electric shock protection
  • emergency shutdown
  • manual / automatic control modes
  • music tracks playback by speakers
  • management of the filtration and disinfection systems

Filtration system

The water in the fountain's bowl should always be clean. This is due to both aesthetic and technical requirements to maintain a fountain in good functioning condition.

We offer filters that effectively clean and disinfect water, purify it from impurities and prevent the unpleasant odors occurrence so staying in the fountain could be safe and comfortable.

The fountain filtration system consists of several stages:

  • large debris filtering, which is done by a bottom water intake grate
  • filtering of debris up to 2 mm size, which is done by a pump prefilter
  • filtering of small particles which are trapped by a sand filter installed in technical room
  • chemical water treatment by an automatic dosing station, which prevents the algae and bacteria development
  • ultraviolet disinfection

Fountain diffuzers

They represent the system elements that generate the water flow and give the needed parameters and forms to jets. It can be easy dispersion of water or sharp and rhythmic ejection of jets. Diffuzers can also give the water flow a specific shape: sphere, hemisphere, vortex, etc.

In our company's catalog you can pick and order various types of diffuzers: single jet and multi-jet, water foaming and forming a multi-level flows.

Surely the choice of diffuzers plays one of the main roles because the further operation of a fountain largely depends on diffuzers proper selection. It is necessary to take into account such factors as the local wind rose, the distance from the nearby trees, the water picture formation, the fountain location outdoors or indoors. For city fountains it is necessary to install the sprayers of large diameter only so they are not clogged, as even poplar fluff clogs sprayers of small diameter and breaks the fountain operation.

The materials: brass and stainless steel.

Lighting and electrical equipment


The uniqueness of water compositions in the dark is also created by illumination. Depending on the particular project highlight equipment of different color schemes is selected. Synchronistic action of illumination and water jets is achieved by correct installation of electrical equipment. In addition, high-quality electrics ensures the safety and durability of the entire system. Wrong installation of underwater lights may lead to either weak light flux (when the lamps are placed below the water level or works at low power), or to overheating and consequent damage (when a lamp radiator is above the water level). So the selection of fountain's underwater lights should be done with high responsibility.

With the help of our company you can select and purchase equipment for fountains, necessary for any water projects installation.

Addressing to the "Aqua-Brand" company you can be sure that:

  • Our experience ensures thorough and effective equipment selection taking into account all safety standards and customer requirements.
  • Our production are scrutinously tested and has all the necessary certificates.
  • We will advise on the selection, installation and operation of the equipment.