Project engineering of fountains

One of the services offered by the "Aqua Brand" company is the project engineering of fountains on order. Once the concept of the object is done taking into account the customer’s wishes and the place for the fountain is selected, we make a competent and functional project.

The project engineering of fountains takes into consideration all the nuances of the future construction:


  • supply of communications to the fountain
  • size and type of its bowl
  • design of water pictures;
  • water level in the fountain’s bowl;
  • type of pumps;
  • the system of pipes;
  • management of the fountain
  • type, location and amount of the fountain illumination
  • disinfection system and the fountain water filtration


While developing a project we care about the safety of the fountain use. For instance, too high water level in the structure is a threat to kids if they accidentally fall into the fountain. However, if the water level is too low, it negatively affects the pumps work. We will consider all these aspects during our work on the project.

Also, for the safety reasons all electrical equipment that is in a fountain bowl must be grounded and equipped with GFCI. So the project will meet all safety measures.

A proper design of the fountain implies easy access for its maintenance. This facilitates the construction conservation for winter and spring reactivation. For this at the fountain design stage we provide everything needed for simple maintenance of the construction, so there will be no problem with it.

During the complex objects design — multi-jet and multi-level fountains, hydraulics of the pipelines taking into account the pipelines losses is simulated and the hydraulic load on the bowl is calculated. This will help to choose the right equipment for this fountain.

The "Aqua Brand" company’s designers have extensive experience in fountain design and skillfully use a wide range of contemporary computer programs. This allows us to solve any problem when working on projects. Our staff’s skills confirmed by construction and project engineering of fountains admission certificates.

The city fountains construction according to a proper and carefully thought-out project will provide comfort of staying near the construction and save from unnecessary water losses. If you need construction and project engineering of fountains, do address to the "Aqua Brand" company.